Really Good SEO Optimization on a WordPress Blog

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Good Factors for SEO Optimization on Your Blog Site

One of the greatest things you should do on your own and your website is to contemplate the user experience and also the overall navigation. The design of your blog website is so essential and also an area that is greatly discounted by countless. Did you know the architecture of your site is factored in among the 4 foremost SEO Optimization factors to search engines?

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There’s much more to search engine ranking than deciding on a hot keyword and also a bit of reliable on-page SEO.

Every single blog post you compose will need to suit the overall understanding of your website. That blog post has to suit a category and that category will need to accommodate your overall website subject matter.

Some questions to ask yourself …

  • As soon as people land on your web site do they have an idea what your blog site is about immediately?
  • Do your categories make good sense overall to the subject matter of the website?
  • Are you arbitrary in the things you write about or are you keeping focused on the whole picture?

Well before you write anything, you will need to contemplate how the blog post is going to
connect into the overall theme and purpose of the website in its entirety. This is essential
for your blog SEO basics and for the readers that arrive at your site.

Each and every post needs to be specifically pertaining to the concept of the website.

An quick and easy method to know if you are remaining on topic is– can you interlink to other
blog posts effortlessly? Does your post conform to a category that is already established on
your website OR do you feel like you need to have a new category?

If you constantly believe that you have to create a category or you simply cannot interlink
readily to other blog posts, there perhaps a problem with the whole architecture of your web
site. All the things on your site needs to make good sense in its entirety. The categories
need to make good sense to the overall concept of the website and the blog posts in those
categories have to be precisely pertaining to it as well.

As an example:

If I have a website or blog about a clean-eating recipes, the categories might appear something such as this …

  • clean-eating breakfast recipes
  • clean-eating lunch recipes
  • clean-eating dinner recipes
  • clean-eating dessert recipes

and every blog post would then be written to fit in one of those categories

I would most likely NOT start writing product evaluations, homeschooling lessons
and laundry hacks on this specific same blog site! With any luck this is all making
good sense?

WordPress Helps Make Categorizing VERY SIMPLE!

You can use sub-categories and tags to micro categorize the site even more. You can keep all your “beef dinner recipes” for example grouped together with sub-categories or tags. This is something that I personally do a lot of on my site

This is why I love WordPress, because it makes sub categorizing and micro categorizing very easy for you.  If you’re using one of those free website builders, this is a bit more difficult to do.   The pages for these categories, sub-categories and tags are all created for you in WordPress and that makes them easy to interlink and navigate to.

If you’re creating pages to group your blog posts, I urge you to please stop and listen what I’m saying to you….  WordPress will create these pages for you!

By simply putting something into a category, sub-category or giving it a tag – a page is created for you. If you put more than one blog post into that category, sub-category or give it the same tag as another post, WordPress will add it to those pages. This makes the navigation of the website flow seamlessly and its LESS WORK for you.

One of the greatest features of my blog site is it that works overall. It makes sense for
the user and it makes sense to the search engines that crawl it. The navigation and internal
linking strategies I do help keep me in Google’s good graces and make my visitors coming back.

I stay on topic and I interlink A LOT to other blog posts, categories, sub categories. The
whole blog picture is clear and the architecture is easy to navigate for both equally the
reader and the Google bots.

SEO best practices 2018 is more than just finding keywords and using them in a blog post.  If you want to rank at the top of search engines you’ve got to be thinking about your overall architecture and relevancy of your site.

SEO Analysis for  On Page SEO Optimization

Interlinking is Your Best Friend on a WordPress Blog

When you’re able to interlink effortlessly on your blog, you know you’re on the right track.
Interlinking helps the reader and search engines will crawl your blog site. Interlinking is
a great strategy for keeping readers on your blog longer, they come for one thing and then
they stay for the many other things because of the interlinking to more relevant posts on
your blog site.

When you are able to interlink easily, it means your staying relevant to the blog as a whole,
readers will stay on the site because they find more things that interest them as a result
of you staying focused on your blog.

Does everything make sense as a whole or are you random?

Good keywords of keyword phrases along with keyword placement inside a post is also very
important but how those keywords work with overall navigation and focus of the site is equally
as important if not more important. Your overall relevancy as a site needs to make sense to
the reader and the search engines.

Google is everything about the user experience and relevancy, if you are working on a blog
site with a heap of arbitrary topics, you are certainly not going to rank as effectively as
the blogger who is more narrow and focused. For illustration, a blog about clean-eating is
always going to outrank your clean-eating recipes on that third-party site every time. Why?
Broad-topic site doesn’t stand a snow-ball’s chance in hell against one that is focused and
on target.

Features of Ethical White Hat On-Page SEO Optimization

There are many benefits of honest on-page SEO optimization. Experts all throughout the
planet favor employing this specific technique of on-page optimization. The factor behind
this is that white hat approaches are certainly authentic ways of search engine optimization.
This means that these kinds of methods are a trusted way of on page SEO optimization and
one can easily trust them without any concern as they are genuine ways.

Ethical on-page SEO optimization will certainly provide you with one the absolute most
important things of seo basics. This is called SEO content with premium quality. The sole
way of connecting with your potential visitors are with words. Hence most business
enterprises give due significance to the use of fresh content which is relevant for their
line of businesses.

 Is Really good SEO Optimization on a WordPress Blog Site Challenging You?

Getting to know good SEO and Keyword methods is vital to your blog if you intend to make money with it. You’re going to be sorely disappointed in your earnings for the amount of effort you’ve put in if you’re writing aimlessly without learning these things. We want you working SMARTER, not harder on your blogs.


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